• Zeta’s Grill

    Zeta’s Grill had me from the first time I ate there. The way the food is served really drives home a traditional Mediterranean feeling. When I go I usually get a few plates. The Hummus is clearly home made, seasoned with peppers, paprika, olives and oil. Served with pita. But Read more [...]

  • La Cocina Económica

    La Cocina Económica is on my regular round of places for dinner. I am not shy about telling people that I have fallen in love with their Enchiladas. The flavor of the enchiladas and La Cocina Económica is like no other place I have ever tasted. Period. There are many Read more [...]

  • La Frontera 1

    La Frontera is the best place to get late night carne asada tacos in Phoenix. That’s what I say at least. Not much to see, a food truck with some tables. The magic is inside the truck. I’ve tried the el pastor tacos and carnitas tacos … they were good Read more [...]